New software will hold Toledo police officers accountable

New software will hold Toledo police officers accountable

TOLEDO (WTOL) - New software will soon be monitoring our men and women in blue.

Toledo Police leaders want to ensure great officers are keeping you safe.

Benchmark Analytics will create a comprehensive digital file on each Toledo police officer. From tracking an officer’s training records to their history of use of force, the software is designed to help the department better manage its officers.

It uses 25 different matrices to help command leaders understand issues their officers are facing.

The system will identify officers who exhibit problematic behavior and flag areas they need to improve upon. It will also help leaders recognize and reward officers who demonstrate exceptional police work, allowing the department to focus on retaining the best men and women in blue.

"It’s a great way of knowing that an officer may need some attention because based on several parameters, there’s a likelihood this officer may have a negative interaction with a citizen. It’s an early intervention system,”police chief George Kral said.

Toledo Police leaders hope to be using the software by March.

It will cost the city $153,816 of general fund dollars for five years. The first three years are free with grant money.

Now, Chief Kral hopes the program will help him be more efficient at managing risks among his officers. He says it allows him to take corrective action much sooner with an officer who needs it, like sending them back to the academy for training if need be.

The ultimate goal: ensuring that the best and brightest officers are serving Toledo’s citizens.

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