Kmart store in Fostoria begins closing sale

Fostoria K-Mart going out of business

FOSTORIA (WTOL) - Residents in Fostoria will soon have one less option for shopping in town.

Last month, the Sears Holdings Corporation announced they would be closing 80 of their Kmart locations across the country, including Fostoria’s Big Kmart store.

So Tuesday, the store began its store closing sale, as the entire stock of products and even work desks and furniture needs to be liquidated.

Once KMart is gone, residents in the area will have to travel a minimum of 20 minutes to find the closest department store.

“I think it’s a shame, we don’t have much in this town. And now we’re forced to go to Bowling Green, Findlay, Tiffin to do our shopping,” said Randy Bomer from Risingsun.

“Kmart is the only place in Fostoria. And they should have a Walmart, or something, or anything. There’s just nowhere else to shop,” said Fostoria resident Tim Cleary.

It’s another hit for the Fostoria Plaza on the north side of town, as two years ago, the Great Scot grocery store closed as well, leaving this large commercial lot now mostly empty.

Shoppers didn’t seem happy that their only options are now to either travel further, or resort to buying more items online.

“I’ve done that occasionally, I prefer to see what I’m buying,” said Joyce Swope.

Fostoria’s Kmart location is expected to be completely closed by the end of March.

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