Christmas weed charities get their donation money

Christmas weed charities get their donation money

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The story of the Christmas Weed is still progressing, and for a great reason.

Jupmode has distributed checks to four local charities. The money from those checks came from all of you who purchased Toledo Christmas weed t-shirts.

Family House, Rebecca’s Haven, Cherry Street mission and St. Paul’s all received donations.

A total of $14,310 was raised over the past three weeks from t-shirt purchases. Each charity has different plans for the money but say they are so grateful for the kind hearts here in Toledo.

“Once they brought the check we were surprised at the amount, which is truly a blessing! I think it’s awesome it shows the wonderful kindness of the people that live in Lucas county and Toledo. It shows that people want to do, if you give them an opportunity, they will," said Tonia Pace of Family House.

Family House says it’s great the check came after Christmas so the season of giving can continue for those in need here in the northwest Ohio community.

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