Former Zepf Center CEO indicted on grand theft, forgery charges

Zepf center CEO indicted

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Former Zepf Center CEO plead not guilty to three felony charges, including grand theft and forgery, in court on Jan. 3.

Moses is accused of using the Zepf Center’s credit card for personal expenses among other accusations. She was allegedly stealing from the mental health and addiction treatment center while she served as its CEO.

She faces one charge of grand theft and two counts of forgery.

A Lucas County grand jury indicted Jennifer Moses on Wednesday. She is accused of stealing around $93,000 from the non-profit Zepf Center between October 2011 and July 2017. Lucas County prosecutors said she used the company card to buy personal items that did not have anything to do with the Zepf Center.

Moses also allegedly superimposed a board member's signature on a credit card statement in June 2017 to show that those statements were approved.

Finally, prosecutors said Moses sought reimbursement after making a $2,500 donation from her own funds to another non-profit and mental health service Harbor. They say she used the front copy of her check to make it seem she donated the money, though she never actually did.

Prosecutors say the forgery came to light in an internal audit when a Zepf Center accountant sent a 1099 form and the check expense was never found.

"It's my understanding that there were some irregularities found in the book-keeping at the victim's agency. So they contacted the Sylvania Township Police, and they did a pretty thorough investigation which includes forensic accounting that was done and that's where they found specifically what the problems were,” Lucas County Prosecutor Michael Loisel said.

Now in a civil complaint filed in 2017, Moses is also accused of selling a Zepf Center vehicle to her husband at a loss to the agency.

That complaint also accuses her of using company credit cards to pay for her children’s school activities and clubs adding up to $11,000, as well as violating a non-compete agreement with Zepf by working for Empowered For Excellence Behavioral Health of Ohio.

Court records state the Zepf Center’s attorneys sent several letters to Moses seeking restitution, but she failed to pay.

Moses is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on Jan. 23. Her trial is scheduled for Feb. 25.

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