Eastwood High School recognized for work supporting military families

Eastwood receives military award

PEMBERVILLE (WTOL) - A local high school is being recognized for its work with military families. Eastwood High School is one of more than 50 schools that received the purple star award on Friday.

The award recognizes schools that make a conscious effort to help out military families. “They've put some things in place, resources on their website, they've appointed a liaison with the families and help them understand the special services and supports that are available,” said State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria.

Principal of Eastwood High School Jim Kieper says it's important to help students out with transferring their credits and adjusting to school.

“These families already face so many other obstacles as they move from place to place serving our country that it shouldn't be an issue for students,” said Kieper. Eastwood has a longstanding tradition of recognizing their local veterans.

They have a wall at the entrance of their school that lists graduate names who have served in the military.

The schools commitment to military families inspires its own students to go out and serve their country as well. “Our school is a really great environment, everyone’s very friendly toward everyone and after college I hope to enlist in the army, become a second lieutenant and serve my country,” said one Eastwood High School student.

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