Dad behind the viral punishment video speaks out

Dad interviewed about bullying

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Matthew Cox made his daughter walk to school this past week.

She was kicked off the bus for the second time for bullying, and Matt said enough is enough. As a punishment, his daughter walked five miles over the course of three days this past week.

“Monday morning I said ‘well lets do it,’ and she bundled up and we hit the road and she was a little upset at first and mad that I was actually going to go through and make her walk,” said Cox.

Matthew Cox was determined to teach his daughter that bullying was not okay and that transportation was a privilege, not a right. He took a video of Kirsten walking to school to share with friends, never expecting it’d go viral.

“A friend of mine had asked me hey that’s a really good idea! Can I post it to mine? and I said yeah and she said well you’ve gotta make it public, so I did. And the next thing I know it kid of blew up,” said Cox.

The video has received millions of comments and shares. Many people have shared their bullying stories or how they’ve lost a child from the affects of bullying.

Matthew sat his kids down and read them some of those comments.

“It really helped, my kids showed a great deal of empathy. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” he said.

At the end of the day Matthew says he wouldn’t change a thing about his punishment, and is glad it’s resonating with so many.

Matthew's daughter was bullying another student on her bus.

The mother of that student reached out to us here at WTOL. She said, she’s thankful for Matt’s parenting choice, and gives him major props as a dad.

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