Perryburg invests $230,000 in new police radios

Pburg radios

PERRYSBURG (WTOL) - Aside from getting a new police chief, Perrysburg is looking for ways to make its police department better. One of those ways is through its communication with neighboring departments.

Back in August when that officer involved shooting happened in Perrysburg Township, there were various communication problems. One of those problems was how long it took for Perrysburg Police Department to get in contact with the Perrysburg Township Police Department.

Officials say it took three minutes and 51 seconds for the two departments to speak with each other. Because of that, the city is investing more than $230,000 for police communication radio upgrades. The new radios will allow officers to contact each other faster.

City council members believe that by investing in these radios it will be easier for neighboring departments to communicate with one another and help improve relations.

“Seconds count in emergency situations! And so if we have an incident here in the community in which mutual aid is coming from a neighboring jurisdiction, those officers, for their safety and for our safety need to communicate seamlessly together,” said Perrysburg City Council Member Haraz Ghanbari.

These new radios are a part of the 2019 city budget. One a few changes the Perrysburg Police Department plans to make in the coming year.

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