Call For Action: Missouri currently investigating Parqwood Apartments management company

McCormack managment

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Hot water is running at the Parqwood Apartments in Central Toledo after nearly four weeks.

McCormack Baron out of St. Louis Missouri manages the apartments and is currently under investigation by the Missouri Attorney General.

The lawsuit is against the management company as well as the St. Louis Housing Authority. It states the residents were “forced to live in intolerable conditions,” and that the “Defendants have defied Missouri law by refusing to take appropriate remedial action.”

The investigation into living conditions uncovered black mold, water damage, mice feces and cockroaches.

Toledo City Councilman Larry Sykes believes there should also be an investigation in Toledo.

"I think we need to look at them as see if they're really worthy of having this contract," Sykes said.

It is unclear if McCormack Baron manages any other properties within the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority.

Along with the outstanding lawsuit in Missouri, Sykes and Councilwoman Yvonne Harper are working to see if they can help Parqwood residents get prorated rent or a rent waiver for the month of November since they went without hot water for almost the entire time.

“I want to sit down with the management company along with ABLE and others to ensure this does not happen again and that they compensate the residents for their inconvenience,” Sykes said.

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