Zoo staff works on the lights before, during and after Christmas

Zoo staff works on the lights before, during and after Christmas

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The staff at the Toledo Zoo have been putting up lights and animal scenes for more than 30 years.

Each year, they get better and better at managing the thousands upon thousands of strands of lights and decorations.

Go 419: Lights Before Christmas

It takes two and a half months to take all the lights downs after the first of the New Year.

Every strand of lights is checked before it’s wrapped, boxed up and stored but only for about eight months. Staff use a machine to locate the bad bulbs.

Then in August, the staff starts putting the lights back up!

“We’re always thinking about the lights!" said the head of the operation.

Strands of lights now last roughly 10 years. Every year, an inventory is done when they’re putting up the lights to see if the zoo needs to order more – because of course trees and scrubs grow. LED lights are used to reduce the about of power needed.

It takes nearly two weeks to string the lights on the eye-catching big tree.

The dancing lights, animal scenes and 3D light show will have the whole family in awe of the Holiday Spirit of lights.

The lights turn on November 23.

The big tree will light up LIVE on WTOL 11 during our hour-long Lights Before Christmas Special.

Lights Before Christmas tickets are included in the Toledo Zoo membership. Non-members will need to purchase a ticket.

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