Toledo boxer hands out free turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving

Toledo boxer hands out free turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving
Former lightweight champ Robert Easter Jr. gave back to the community on Saturday

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Former lightweight world boxing champion Robert Easter Jr. is proud to be from Toledo and gives back every chance he gets to the people in his hometown.

Toledo boxer hands out free turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving

That’s exactly what he did on Sunday by handing out free Thanksgiving Day turkeys.

Easter Jr. still lives in Toledo.

He personally gave out 100 turkeys at the Glass City Gym where he trains.

“Very nice for the kids, grandkids,” said Willie Gordon who picked up a turkey.

Word of the giveaway went out on social media and there were plenty of takers.

No requirements at all.

Just show up and claim a bird.

That’s what Sherry Burton did.

“It means so much right now with times so hard for so many people. This young man is here contributing to the community is a beautiful thing today,” said Sherry.

It was hard to tell who was the happiest: Easter Jr. or the folks receiving the turkeys.

He’s a tough guy in the ring but obviously has a soft spot in his heart for Toledo and the people who live here.

“Taught me a lot. Why I’m still here. Don’t plan on leaving anytime soon,’ said Robert.

It’s a lesson he learned from his dad Robert Sr. who was also a boxer.

“He came up in a good upbringing. So he knows that he receives and he’s now giving," said Robert Sr.

Easter Jr. does plan to leave Toledo but only for his next boxing bout.

For now he’s being tight lipped about it.

“We’re looking for more titles. Stay tuned. 2019 will be a big year for me,” said Easter Jr.

And no doubt a year he’ll be back at the gym handing out free turkeys next year too.

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