Local business has 200K worth of cars stolen off property

Cars stolen from local business

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A local business is out $200,000 after six cars were stolen off their property Sunday, November 4th.

James Khan, owner of Downriver Diesel, a towing and seller of vintage vehicles company, said the thieves ambushed their property several times in one night.

“These guys come in and they take what you work for and they chop it into pieces,” said Khan. “They don't care.”

Khan said the models stolen were a 1978 Blazer, a 1985 Caprese Classic, a 1982 Corvette, a 1986 Monte Carlo, a 2008 Escalade and 2007 Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck.

Surveillance video from Toledo Springs, the business next to Downriver Diesel, shows a red Dodge Durango pulling up and parking on their property.

The video then shows two people getting out of the SUV, breaking through a fence, leaving with a white pickup truck.

Khan said thieves showed up at least two more times throughout the night with more people getting out of the car each time and driving off in a different vehicle.

Khan says 2 of the 6 vehicles stolen had a special meaning.

“I hope you're proud of yourselves,” said Khan. “The Corvette and the Escalade belonged to my father who's a cancer patient going through chemotherapy right now and those two vehicles were supposed to be sold to pay for medical expenses. And that money's gone.”

The Escalade was recovered by Toledo Police Wednesday morning but is completely unsalvageable.

“It’s pretty much a shell of a car,” said Khan. “Looks to me like they bleached the inside when they were done. They left the seats. That’s about it.”

What’s next for Downriver Diesel?

“At this point all we can do is sweep out the garage, pick up the pieces and do what we can to get ahead again. It's gonna be a awhile and it's going to be hard to get back what we lost but the only thing we can do is keep our head up and keep going.”

If you recognize anyone in the video, call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.

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