Voters renew both TPS levies; what’s next for the district?

TPS levies renewed

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Voters passed Issues 5 and 6, which were both renewal levies for Toledo Public Schools.

School leaders are thanking voters for their support on Election Day and telling them what they will do next.

“To me it’s the community telling us they believe that we’re doing a good job, we’re being fiscally responsible with those dollars and that the district is definitely moving in the right direction” said Polly Gerken, President of Toledo Public Schools.

School leaders say the money generated from these renewals will allow them to focus on progression, rather than worrying about fiscal community support. The money generated from these levies goes toward operational funding for the district, which can include anything from building maintenance to running buses.

“The beautiful thing is we can take a break from asking for money until at least 2022 so it gives us the opportunity to focus on what’s best for kids” said Gerken.

One of those issues is focusing on the mental well-being of TPS students. The district feels this is an important part of student progress.

“It is really considered as much a part of what we do every day as teaching kids to read and do math. so we’re going to continue be able to do those things and really start to see the progress,” said Gerken.

Toledo Public Schools will not come to voters again until 2022.

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