It’s getting lit: Hensville Lights turn on Nov. 17

It’s getting lit: Hensville Lights turn on Nov. 17

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Go 419 Host Malena Caruso got tangled up in lights trying to help the pros who hang the thousands of strands that cover from top to bottom the facades along St. Clair street during the holiday season!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how the streets are lit up!

There are 100 bulbs on one strand and tens of thousands of strands of lights hung throughout Hensville during the holidays.

“I’m the Clark Griswold of Hensville and the Hensville Lights,” said Greg Tye, director of broadcast services.

“The electric bill on this thing, how does that work?” said Go 419 Host Malena Caruso.

“They’re very low power LED lights,” Tye explained. “These are professional quality, low voltage LED lights. It’s not a huge cost but it’s something that’s ben shared by the Mud Hens and the Hensville neighbors who have been very cooperative. These buildings have helped provide us with power and enabled that who project to work, especially on this side of the street.”

To pull this off, it must be a team effort.

“It has to be,” Tye said. “They’ve given us permission and cooperate and help foot the bill for getting the entire street lit up.”

One big question, what happens when one goes out?

“We call their crew to come back or we call in a repair person with a cherry picker truck, it all depends on what side of the building and what size building you’re on,” Tye said. “We have a music mix playing throughout the course of the day and specified times during the course of the evening, every 15 minutes is synced to music and then they come on and go off or strobe or flash in time with that music.”

The Hensville Lighting is on November 17. All of the fun starts at 4 p.m. with the tree lighting at 6 p.m. Go 419 Host Malena Caruso and WTOL Anchor Andrew Kinsey will be at Hensville to do the honors.

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