Outdated equipment threatens Rossford Fire’s job efficiency

Outdated equipment at RFD

ROSSFORD (WTOL) - Outdated equipment threatens how efficiently Rossford’s firefighters are able to do their jobs.

The Rossford Fire Division has been using equipment that is over 14 years old. Two of their cardiac monitors purchased back in 2004 will not be serviceable by the end of this year.

The department’s hydraulic rescue cutters are also unable to cut through some newer cars' stronger metal. If these cutters were to fail at an accident scene, the department would have to wait for assistance from a neighboring department, wasting precious time to save lives.

“We’re running a department 15 years, you know 15 years later on a 2004 budget. It’s getting a little tight because call volume is through the roof and you have these equipment, pieces of equipment, that need to be replaced,” said Rossford Fire Chief Josh Drouard.

With the town’s growing population, the Rossford Fire Department averages three runs per day. It is nearing 1,200 runs this year -- a record for the department.

”As you can tell when you walked into the building, the building’s from the 50s, and it’s -- you can tell that I have this office here that’s very cramped. We need a lot of new everything, and we get you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time. We just need to come up with a plan,” said Chief Drouard.

The fire department is working with Rossford’s safety committee to develop their 5-year capital improvements plan now, then it will go to the finance committee.

The city’s finance director says once that plan is drafted, city leaders will decide if it’s worth it to increase the fire department’s levy on the ballot next year.

It’s an issue leaders take seriously, but finding the funds may prove challenging.

They hope to have that improvements plan completed by year’s end.

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