75 to downtown Toledo exit change

75 to downtown Toledo exit change

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The exit to get into downtown Toledo from 75 S changed in configuration Tuesday morning.

Drivers now travel over the newly poured concrete on the northern half, adjacent to where they had been taking the ramp.

ODOT has been working on the ramp for a year now and phase one of two is complete.

The rest of the work is expected to be done by this time next year.

“With this change, we are unfortunately not able to maintain local traffic across Indiana, so we are detouring people up to Dorr Street at this time, but we are still maintaining the pedestrian access because we understand that that is a very well-traveled pedestrian bridge as well,” said Rebecca Dangelo, spokesperson and Public Information Officer for the Ohio Department of Transportation covering Northwest Ohio.

Previously, ODOT had planned on restricting access to pedestrians due to the dangers of construction, but with the amount of pedestrian traffic, it made more sense to keep the sidewalks intact.

Once completed, the Indiana Avenue/Washington Street exit into downtown Toledo is expected to get that local Indiana Avenue traffic back.

It will also be back open to two lanes coming off the expressway, as it was before the project began.

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