Choose healthy trick-or-treat options this Halloween

Choose healthy trick-or-treat options this Halloween

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Trick-or-treat time is almost here!

While candy isn’t considered healthy, there can be healthier options to find in your child’s candy bag.

ProMedica dietitian Liz Satterthwaite urges parents to look for smaller portion sizes.

“At the end of the day, candy has added sugar. The best thing we can do is be mindful of how much we are consuming throughout the day and the week. Purchasing mini-sized candies can be a good start, and allowing yourself 1 to 2 pieces with a meal can satisfy that sweet tooth,” explained Satterthwaite.

Satterthwaite says parents can put a piece in lunchboxes and give kids a piece after dinner as a treat. In terms of chocolate bars, Snickers bars are one of the better options because the peanuts provide more nutritional value.

She also suggests alternatives such as popcorn and pretzels instead of candy. These snacks usually have lower sugar, less fat and take longer to eat.

If you want to be sensitive of allergies, some other alternatives to offer trick-or-treaters include glow sticks, slime, and stretchy eyeballs. You can find these at stores such as Walmart or the Dollar Store.

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