BG cracks down on cars passing stopped school buses

BG cracks down on cars passing stopped school buses

BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - Teaching students how to be safe on the bus is important at all schools, but students don’t seem to be the problem in Bowling Green.

“If cars are blowing their yellow and red lights, unfortunately a statistic happens at that point,” said Bowling Green bus driver Jim Elliott.

Since the beginning of the school year, 18 cars have passed stopped school buses in Bowling Green.

Now, during national bus safety week, the district says enough is enough.

“Beyond just against state law, the concern for safety for our students is paramount and we can’t have that,” said Bowling Green Superintendent Francis Scruci.

When a driver passes a stopped school bus, the bus driver has to get a license plate number and description of both the driver and the car that did not stop, in order for the police to take action.

However, that can be hard when the bus driver’s main concern is student safety.

The Bowling Green City School District has put cameras on 11 of its school buses that are able to catch the license plate numbers of the drivers that speed by when they’re supposed to be stopped.

The district hopes these cameras will help their bus drivers better identify those breaking the law.

“As much as we can do as bus drivers for our students are trying to follow the rules and law, the drivers need to follow those rules and laws too. Because it only takes two seconds for a student to get injured,” said Elliott.

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