Turnpike crews making sure plows are in tip-top condition for winter season

136-point inspection ensures plows are in good shape

Turnpike crews making sure plows are in tip-top condition for winter season
Ohio Turnpike plows underwent a 136-point inspection to make sure they are ready for winter (Bickle, Mark)

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Local Ohio Turnpike crews are preparing for the 2018-2019 snow and ice season with a 136-point inspection of all snowplows and equipment.

With the weather seemingly getting colder by the day, it’s reassuring to check this task off the list.

After Thursday’s inspections, it's safe to say the Ohio Turnpike plows are ready to hit the road.

A few minor technical problems were noted, as you would find in any less complex vehicle like your own personal car, but all deficiencies will be fixed immediately, most of which were done by the end of the day.

Turnpike travelers can take comfort that an abundant number of snowplows will be available at any given moment to maintain 1,395 lane miles, 31 Interchanges and 14 Service Plazas on the Ohio Turnpike.

"The work on the trucks starts, actually, when we come out of last winter. We note deficiencies and start making repairs coming right out of last winter. We compare notes with our sister division in the East., chronic problems that they've maybe seen because they travel more miles. May come over and influence our fleet, so we try to be proactive and just keep everything running as well as we can,” said Alan Durliat, Western Division Superintendent, for the Ohio Turnpike

The Ohio Turnpike is still hiring for the winter as well.

Even though the equipment and supplies are ready to go, many of us are hoping it will still be a while before they get put to use.

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