AAA safety program gets drivers' cars ready for winter

AAA safety program gets drivers' cars ready for winter
A trained technician helps a driver with adjusting his mirrors for blindspots (Bickle, Mark)

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Did you know, AAA and Lucas County Traffic Safety Program offer free events to help you and your car prepare for the upcoming winter?

On Thursday, drivers were invited by AAA to make their personal vehicles better “fit” them by helping them with adjusting mirrors, seats, seatbelts, and all the gadgets and buttons inside.

Trained technicians performed a comprehensive check, then offered ideas on how the driver can maximize safety and comfort.

As a part of the checks, technicians would stand in the blind spots of each vehicle until the mirrors are set to see as much as possible. The mirror adjustment was especially helpful for senior citizens present, some of whom have limited mobility and ability to turn and see obstructions.

"We are going to look at your batteries and we are going to look at your fluids. We're going to do a bumper-to-bumper overall to make sure that your car is prepared for winter. We just corrected an individual's mirror, and that right there, could've saved a life, so we're really making an impact with this program,” said Jamie Blazevich Traffic Safety Program Coordinator, of Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.

Trained technicians checked for under-inflated tires.

Outside the vehicle, tires, batteries, and fluids are the major focus.

Rosie's Italian Grill rolling chef was also onsite. Those who got their free CarFit also got to enjoy a complimentary lunch.

Given the success of the event, AAA is looking forward to planning more chances to get you comfortable and safe in your vehicle. There is no word yet if those will have as yummy of a lunch provided or not. You can check here for upcoming programs.

This program was introduced by the AARP and was directed toward more mature drivers, but those present want to provide this service to all drivers.

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