Voters turn out early for midterm elections

Voters hit polls early

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - New figures show absentee ballot requests are already higher than they were 2014.

Lucas County Board of Election leaders are preparing for a high voter turnout during the midterm election just 20 days away.

It’s an important election for several registered Lucas County voters. With both state and local representatives and issues.

“If you don’t vote we won’t win and we won’t get anywhere anyway and our voices will be pushed under the rug,” said Pervis Merritt, a Lucas County registered voter.

“It’s going to set the path for a lot of things that are going to be going on,” said Clement Cybulski, a registered voter in Lucas County.

"I tell people every day to stop complaining about the different issues that's going on if you ain't going to put your voice out there," said Denise Jones, another Lucas County registered voter.

“The city and county got to realize that the voters pay their wages,” said registered voter Mike Badger.

Already the Lucas County Board of Elections has mailed more than 27,000 absentee ballots and more than 1,800 people have voted at the early vote center almost 300 Wednesday alone.

“We have found that if there is a statewide issue people tend to pay attention to it and then of course whatever hot topic that you’re interested in referenced to local issues those things are there as well,” said LaVera Scott, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections. “So, we’ve definitely seen an increase. I think people are interested in voting and that’s a great thing.”

They’ve been checking polling locations testing machines and more to get ready for November 6. Leaders suggest voters do their research before heading to the polls.

“We tell people to go out there check your polling location,” said Scott. “It even gives you directions to your polling location, look at your sample ballot that way you have time to look at those things if you’re choosing to vote.”

Some take their right to vote serious. A group protested Issue 9, a renewal for Children Services, and say they will head to the polls.

“I want my voice to be heard,” said Denise Jones. “I want you know my vote to matter”

“I think that it’s wrong, so it’s very important to stand up and fight for your constitutional rights,” said Pervis Merritt. “If you want your voice to be heard and you want your vote to count.”

Voters in Point Place wanted to learn more about the ballot so they attended a meet the candidates night at Friendship Park Community Center.

“That’s why I came,” said Mike Badger. “To ask a few questions to the people who are here.”

“We like to call it the best place and seriously it is,” said Clement Cybulski. “We want to make sure that it stays that way so we’re going to want to have the best representatives.”

Lucas County has all your voting information available online. Polls will be open November 6 from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

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