Historic St. Wendelin school building to be demolished

Historic St. Wendelin School to be torn down

FOSTORIA (WTOL) - A piece of Fostoria’s history will soon be gone and you can get one last chance to say farewell.

The historic St. Wendelin Catholic School was built in 1909, replacing the previous school from 1873. Until 2010, was the home for St Wendelin’s K through sixth grades.

And after the parish ended offering ninth through twelfth grade, this old building was looked at as the potential home for their remaining K through eighth grade.

But renovations and upgrades costs came in far to high for it to be a viable option and the remediation of the older building and roof repair was not financially feasible.

So the parish has decided to demolish the historic structure, and eventually develop the property into a green space. Therefore this Saturday at 4 p.m., St Wendelins will hold a goodbye service for anyone who has history there and wants to give last visit to their old school.

“It’s going to be more of a prayer service, and a time for people to juts gather and reminisce and talk. Which is something I enjoy; listening to stories because I have my stories, but it’s also kind of fun to hear others peoples stories,” said Jeanette Lee, Development Director at St. Wendelins

Proper demolition of the historic school building won't begin until mid to late November.

The construction crews here will be working to set aside as many bricks as they possibly can, So that parish members will be able to take home a physical piece of their parish history.

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