East Toledo woman says LMHA apartment infested with bed bugs

East Toledo woman complains about bed bugs at her apartment

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A woman in east Toledo says she is having a bedbug problem in her apartment.

Christina Fonseca says she has had enough, after getting nowhere with the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority.

“I woke up and there were bed bugs all over my bed,” said Christina. She says her east Toledo apartment is filled with bed bugs.

It's so bad she's not even living there right now and had to go to her family doctor to get treated this month.

Christina's apartment complex is a part of the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority.

She says she’s been calling them and filing work orders since the beginning of October trying to get the problem fixed.

"I got a letter on Friday the 12th saying someone would be at my apartment yesterday to take care of the problem. Well, yesterday an exterminator came and all he did was verify they were bed bugs,” said Christina.

Christina has tried to treat the bed bugs on her own but having a disability has limited how much she can clean up.

She says she had to replace her bed and most of her furniture because the bed bugs have gotten so out of hand.

The Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority says they are looking into the case.

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