Port Clinton to take over city EMS service

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - After 15 years of outsourcing, The City of Port Clinton will soon be taking administrative control of EMS services to the community.

Port Clinton to take over city EMS service

For the last 15 years, EMS services in Port Clinton have been contracted through the regional North Central EMS.

However, after being informed that the rates of services would be going up, the city decided it would be best to take on the services themselves.

The new Port Clinton EMS service will fall under the Port Clinton Fire and Rescue department, which has been acting as on-call backup for North Central during the last 15 years.

“At the very least, it will be a much more professional and consistent service that we know that we get out of our fire department and our other city services, and will continue to provide,” said Olen Martin, safety-service director for the city of Port Clinton

Martin said that after initial spending for equipment and training, the new EMS services will cost the city less than what it was spending with North Central.

Currently the fire department has 40 employees, and will soon grow to 45 or 50 to cover upcoming attrition and to staff the EMS.

Many of the North Central EMT’s will get first choice for applying to the newly created EMS.

“The citizens aren’t going to see any difference. It’s the same people, and the same colored trucks; it’s just a little bit different.” said fire chief Kent Johnson.

Chief Johnson expects his staff to be trained and operating their new EMS services by April.

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