Local country artist announced as opener for first-ever 1937 CKY T-Town Hoedown

Brent Lowry takes Go 419 on the road to his hometown

Local country artist announced as opener for first-ever 1937 CKY T-Town Hoedown
Brent Lowry hits the road with Go 419 to check out some treasures in his hometown of Pemberville.
Local Country Artist Will Perform in First-Ever T-Town Hoedown

One local country artist, Brent Lowry lead singer of Brent Lowry and the Drifters, takes #Go419 host Malena Caruso on the GO in the 419 to his home town. The local band was aske dto perform at the first-ever 1037 CKY's T-Town Hoedown on November 16! Check out more here: https://bit.ly/2NGJfqw

Posted by Go 419 on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Brent Lowry, lead singer of the band Brent Lowry and the Drifters, took Go 419 Host Malena Caruso off the beaten path to his home town of Pemberville, Ohio.

Here he shows us the town who made him who he his and how this small town has been a big influence on his music.

Malena: Okay Brent, you took us on the go in the 419 to Front Street in Pemberville, why here?

Brent: This is my hometown, this is where I grew up. We have the oldest general store in the state and we have so many great businesses here. I grew up just down the road. This is home to me. So, this is Beeker’s General Store. I used to ride my bike up here all the time to get penny candy and it’s been a staple to Pemberville for a long, long time. This is one of the oldest places in Pemberville. This is my childhood. This is the Pemberville Historical Society my uncle and aunt were part of this and they also own the train depot in town too. People here love what I do and I love everybody here in town too. This is my home. This is where I’m from.

Malena: You mentioned somewhere else we have to go?

Brent: That’s right! Pemberville Road! You have to see that to see everything.

Malena: Alright, well let’s go!

Malena: Okay, so this is kind of where a lot of the inspiration came from for The Drifter. This album, the back cover is actually where we’re standing. Tell me a little bit about why here?

Brent: This is an iconic spot for me. I rode my bike out here when I was a kid. This is the long stretch of Pemberville Road that I used to drive down all the time. The school buses take me home, take me to school. Every town has a meaning in everybody’s life. The song Pemberville Road, that was the main purpose of that song was to showcase my whole life growing up on one road. And that’s this road Pemberville Road.

Malena: You have the T-Town Hoedown coming up. How does it feel to be a part of that?

Brent: It’s an amazing feeling! I mean, to be asked to play in the first annual is an amazing thing for me and the band and it’s such a great venue. I’ve always wanted to play the Stranahan Theatre.

If you haven’t heard of Brent Lowry and the Drifters, check them out before the big T-Town Hoedown. You can always find all of your information on Go 419.

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