How to keep meds out of the hands of your children

Stats show startling number of children die from accidental medicine-related poisioning

How to keep meds out of the hands of your children

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Medicine made for adults should never get into the hands of children.

But it happens, and it could have deadly consequences.

Safe Kids Worldwide has conducted new research with the specific steps you should be taking to prevent your kids from ingesting something dangerous.

Safe Kids says every 12 days, a child under the age of 6 in the U.S. dies from an accidental medicine-related poisoning. Every hour, a child is hospitalized for it and every 9 minutes, a kid goes to the emergency room.

Clearly, too many children are getting into medicine while their parent or caregiver is not looking or has turned away, even for a minute.

So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to your children?

Safe Kids offers these tips to protect your kids from getting into medicine that could be fatal to them:

  • Keep medicine stored out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • Remember that child-resistant packaging is not childproof and children can still get into it. Safe kids says research even suggests about half of accidental poisonings involved child-resistant packaging.
  • Put medicine away immediately after every use, even if your next dose is only a few hours away.
  • Remember children are curious climbers and could use a chair or toy to reach your medicine.
  • Save the Poison Help number in your phone and post it at home where everyone can see it. The number is 1-800-222-1222.

Safe Kids says their study shows more than 60-percent of parents said they did not have that number in their phone or posted at home. It will connect you with specialists who can answer important questions during poison emergencies.

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