Springfield Schools hosts safety forum for parents

Springfield Schools safety

HOLLAND (WTOL) - Springfield Schools hosted a Safety Forum specifically for parents Thursday night so they can find out first-hand, how the school plans to keep students safe in an emergency.

“It’s unfortunate that in this day and age we have to educate a kindergartener or a second grader, 8th grader even a high schooler and prepare them to know this violence could happen at school and what to do with it,” said Brenna Kobak, mother to a Springfield Schools 8th grader.

Michelle McDevitt, a police officer, Director of Safety at Lourdes University and mother to a sophomore at Springfield High School, said having a game plan if something happens at school is crucial for survival.

“It may not be perfectly followed when it goes there, but at least you have some kind of system in place,” said McDevitt.

Springfield Schools doesn’t just plan for a possible active shooter, but because of the location of the school, they look at multiple situations that could unfold just because of the location.

“Springfield schools is along the train tracks, we’re very close to Toledo Airport and we’re right on Airport Highway, so we prepare for all kinds of events that could put a student or staff at harm,” said superintendent Matt Geha.

To ensure Springfield Schools doesn’t become part of the norm, a proposed school safety levy will be on the November ballot.

“We will be strengthening our safety and security especially if our additional point nine levy passes for us to do some of these extra safety and security pieces that have the school system be stronger structurally but also gives comfort to students and parents so the education can actually take place,” said Geha.

The .9 mill will be an additional $31 per $100,000 of home evaluation

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