Neighbors in fear after dozens of teen fights in West Toledo

Nearly 60 fights have been recorded so far in 2018

Neighbors in fear after dozens of teen fights in West Toledo

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Major concerns from neighbors in West Toledo after dozens of teen fights in broad daylight.

They fear the issue is getting out of hand and will lead to serious harm for someone in their neighborhood.

It was a video of a fight posted to Facebook just a few days ago that got people talking. That video was later deleted, but neighbors sent it to WTOL 11, fed up about this violence in their area

They say it’s just one of the nearly 60 physical fights recorded through 911 alerts in West Toledo during the first 10 months of 2018.

“It’s sickening,” said one neighbor in west Toledo of the fight caught on camera.

Neighbors in west Toledo are reaching out for help because of fights in their streets are happening regularly. Neighbors now fear going outside.

Several declined to speak to WTOL in fear of retaliation, while one neighbor wanted to remain anonymous.

“It’s strictly the juveniles they are getting out of hand,” said the neighbor. “They seem like they have the right. They are making it seem like they have the right to take over the neighborhood, harass all the neighborhoods and do what they darn well want to because they know they’re getting away with it.”

Toledo Police say they are aware of the issue and working to address it. They explain it began last year and is mostly high school students waiting for the bus after school near West Sylvania Avenue.

“Most of them are doing the right thing,” said Lt. Jessica Meyer, Toledo Police Department community services division. “But there are a couple of kids out there that want to act rowdy or disregard any of the laws or rules. We’d like to end that behavior.”

They have brought out extra patrols, met with school leaders and even have begun conversations about the bus stop.

Police say if a child is found fighting they will arrest them and they will then be brought into the juvenile court system, but that isn’t cutting it for neighbors.

“I want to be able to see true justice for the actions that they are taking,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified for her safety. “There is no consequences for their actions at all.”

With already ten 911 alerts for physical fights this month alone, Toledo Police ask neighbors to be patient and persistent about calling them.

“First of all don’t get involved , stay away, call us,” said Lt. Meyer. “We’re working on the situation I promise.”

Neighbors said they hope that’s true because they fear for what will happen if not.

“You don’t realize how stupid you look and one of these days you’re going to do that to the wrong person and it’s not going to be good,” said a neighbor. “It’s sad”

Neighbors want families to step up so they can see a change in west Toledo and their neighborhood.

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