Joseph Jones guilty of unlawful restraint after 2017 incident at Wood Co. Meijer

Joseph Jones will serve 30 days in Wood County Justice Center

Joseph Jones guilty of unlawful restraint after 2017 incident at Wood Co. Meijer
Joseph Jones discusses his trial with his lawyer

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Today was the final day of the Joseph Jones trial.

Jones was accused of attacking a victim inside a Meijer store located in Bowling Green in the spring of 2017

Ultimately, the jury found Jones not guilty of abduction and not guilty of sexual imposition.

He was was however found guilty of unlawful restraint.

Joseph Jones in Wood County courtroom

Jones spoke to the judge, saying he should not be sent to jail because he did nothing wrong.

Jones gave various reasons as to why he believed he was found guilty of unlawful restraint.

“I didn’t do anything” said Jones. “I don’t want to go to jail, I’d rather do probation,” said Jones.

The Judge imposed 60 days in jail for Jones.

He will serve 30 of those days in the Wood County Justice Center, with probation for the other 30 days suspended.

He is also on probation for three years.

Jones must get sexual offender treatment and mental health counseling.

Additionally, he must complete 100 hours of community service within the next 2 years.

He received a $250 fine, a $50 court fee and will have court costs close to $1,000.

The jury deliberated for more than an hour before ultimately deciding.

Last minute evidence made a big difference in this case.

That evidence included social media posts from as recent as two days ago.

The posts included a podcast on YouTube, which the state claimed to be from Jones.

In it the person speaking admits to having a foot fetish.

The state also presented Instagram posts they said Jones made.

The user admits to “sucking on toes for 20 minutes and liking it.”

The state claimed this was proof Joseph Jones’s erogenous zone includes feet because he seems to get sexual gratification from them.

Throughout the entire presentation Jones shook his head in denial.

But the defense argued no crime was committed.

None of the posts were connected to the incident that happened at the Bowling Green Meijer.

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