Man found guilty on 1 charge in case involving women’s feet; plead not guilty to 2 other charges

Jones also was charged Tuesday in separate case of allegedly removing a jogger’s shoes and rubbing her toes

Man found guilty on 1 charge in case involving women’s feet; plead not guilty to 2 other charges
Joseph Jones (Source: WTOL)

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Joseph Jones, who was charged multiple times in cases regarding fondling women’s feet, was found guilty on one charge and not guilty on two other charges Thursday.

A jury found Jones guilty of a misdemeanor of unlawful arrest. He was not guilty of abduction or sexual imposition.

The jury deliberated for more than an hour before ultimately deciding.

Last-minute evidence apparently made a big difference Thursday in the case. That evidence included social media posts from as recent as two days ago.

The state presented them to the jury. The posts included a podcast on YouTube that the state claimed to be from Jones. In it, the person speaking admits to having a foot fetish.

The state also presented Instagram posts they claimed Jones made. The user admits to “sucking on toes for 20 minutes and liking it”

The state claimed this was proof Joseph Jones’s erogenous zone includes feet because he seems to get sexual gratification from them.

Throughout the entire presentation, Jones shook his head in denial.

But the defense argued no crime was committed. None of the posts was connected to the incident that happened at the Bowling Green Meijer.

The trial for Joseph Jones began in the Wood County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday. Prior to Wednesday’s trial, he was formerly found guilty of sucking on women’s toes and massaging women’s feet in public.

The case decided Thursday was in relation to an alleged incident at the Bowling Green Meijer.

There were 40 jurors who were questioned throughout the day before the jury was narrowed down to 13 people.

In the opening statement, the state told the jury this case is simple at its core. It’s an issue of a foot fetish that went so far as to sexually assault a woman, the state alleged.

The defense argued that this was not a case of abduction or sexual imposition because Jones did not grab the victim or get sexual gratification from it. They also argued the victim was happy and smiling during her interaction with Jones.

The witness testimony was from the victim of the incident at the Bowling Green Meijer.

She said Joseph Jones approached her in Meijer and asked her if her shoes were comfortable and if he could see them. She didn't think anything of it and at first thought it was a prank.

But eventually Jones’s behavior got more out of sorts. The victim claims Jones touched her feet, grabbed her hand and would not let go. Eventually she was able to get away after he asked her to “twirl around.”

The victim addressed the question many on the jury were wondering; why didn't she just run away?

She explained Joseph Jones’s behavior progressively became more and more unusual and she was concerned if she did run away and make a scene that something bad would happen. Ultimately, she said she felt threatened by Jones.

Additionally separate from this case, Jones has two more charges in Toledo Municipal Court.

He was charged Tuesday with sexual imposition and aggravated menacing. Toledo Police said he approached a woman jogging in Ottawa Park on Monday, removed her shoes, and massaged her feet before she could get away.

Jones appeared in court on Wednesday and plead not guilty to harassing the woman in Ottawa Park and to harassing a female customer at the Kroger on Jackman in June.

Jones was released on bond but must wear an ankle monitor.

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